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Be You Learning Center is the absolute best. The director and staff are extremely kind, knowledgeable and passionate. As a new mom I was very afraid to let someone who I didn’t know very well care for my child so I kept him home until he was two. My son was eager to learn more and socialize more but I had so many reservations. I knew after my very first meeting with the director Ebony, that this was the place I felt most comfortable allowing them to care for and teach my child. We’ve been there for about 2 months and my son has grown leaps and bounds. He’s getting more confident with speaking and come home saying his colors, numbers and a bunch of other new things. I love this center because the staff is patient and have a very open line of communication which puts me at ease. The kids are nice, the policy’s are clear, the building is clean and safe but most of all my son loves going to school (what he calls it). I would definitely recommend this center to other moms.

My partner and I were pretty reluctant to send our 16 month old (Carson) to daycare so we opted to keep him home for as long as it made sense. A couple of months ago, driving down Ridge, we noticed the Be You building for the first time; I reached out the same day to schedule a tour. Ms. Ebony was both responsive and professional, and only further validated my feelings when we met her on site. A couple of reasons that we LOVE Be You:
-Ms. Ebony has an extensive background in education and her knowledge is incorporated in every element of Be You’s program.
- The Be You team doesn’t just care for Carson, they invest love and attention in ensuring his safety and growth.
- Be You feels like family! The staff has taken a careful approach in ensuring that Carson’s transition to daycare was seamless. We receive daily reports, updates on progress, and they deliver what seems like 1:1 attention.
- In just two months, Carson has shown tremendous progress. Ms. Ebony incorporates cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, fine, and gross motor activities into the curriculum and it is evident as we engage with Carson.

Without a doubt, Ms. Ebony and team have made this very important decision one of the best decisions we could have made!

My girls have been enrolled at Be You Learning Center Since February 2021 and I can’t imagine taking them anywhere else. They have never been so excited to go to school in the morning! They have a curriculum that is actually followed and daily reports and pictures are sent out over an app, making it easy to check in on your kids each day. When my 2 year old started, she was very shy and did not talk much. Now, she comes home reciting her ABC’s, counting to 10 and can even recognize some shapes. Her vocabulary has grown in less than 2 months! I could really go on and on about how much Be You Learning Center is a phenomenal daycare. I don't have to question what type of care my girls are getting. I know in my absence they are being loved, nurtured and allowed to grow, learn and explore. THIS is where you want your children to be!


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